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Clinical Governance in Care Homes with Nursing (England) Policy

Policy Aims and Scope

This policy applies to care homes with nursing to show how {{org_field_name}} maintains high standards of clinical excellence in respect of its healthcare provision and nursing care at all levels of its management and organisation.

Policy Statement

{{org_field_name}} considers that its clinical and nursing functions should be exercised in line with the requirements of the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014, particularly Regulation 17: Good Governance and the standards for clinical governance that are recommended for all health services. By clinical governance is meant the combined means by which high standards of healthcare of people in care homes are maintained and improved through, for example:

Related Policies and Procedures

There is a raft of policies to which the activities of clinical governance relate which can be cross-referenced with the following examples and should be referred to in support of the provider’s clinical governance. (The list is not comprehensive.)

Clinical Governance FeatureRelevant Policies
Person-centred carePersonal Care and SupportPromoting the Welfare of People Who Use Services: Personal and Nursing CareEnd of Life Care
Leadership, management and teamworkGood Governance: Effective Leadership and ManagementDay to Day ManagementTeam-building
Clinical practicesHealthcare and Clinical ProceduresHealth Promotion (See also policies on specific nursing and healthcare procedures.)
Nurse Recruitment and Employment, including Nurse ManagementStaff Recruitment and SelectionStaffing Levels and Rotas
Quality monitoring, assurance and improvementQuality Assurance and Management
Staff development and learningStaff Development and Training
Recording and Information GovernanceRecord KeepingInformation Governance and the GDPR
Risk assessment and managementHealth and Safety: Risk Assessment and ControlRisk Assessment and Management for People Receiving CareSafeguarding (Various)Infection Control (Various)Medication Administration (Various)
Critical Incidents, including emergencies, errors, near misses, etc.Various policies on managing emergencies, accidents, critical incidents and medication errors.
NotificationsNotifications to CQC
Duty of CandourDuty of Candour

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