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D299. Respecting and Involving People Who Use Services

Policy Statement

This policy shows how {{org_field_name}} respects the dignity, privacy and independence of its service users and their rights to take their own decisions about their care and treatment and to be fully involved in every aspect of their care to which they need to give their consent.

It is in line with {{org_field_name}}’s registration conditions and standards as set out in the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014 and Care Quality Commission guidance. This commitment is fully reflected in our Statement of Purpose and all information provided for its prospective and current service users.

  1. Everyone involved in the provision of {{org_field_name}}s that we offer is expected to treat every current and prospective service user and their relatives, friends and representatives with consideration and respect.
  2. {{org_field_name}} is committed to keeping everyone fully informed at all times about their care and support and about {{org_field_name}}s we offer.
  3. We make sure that the people who use our services are always able to make informed decisions, including any decisions that require weighing up the risks and benefits of the proposals being made, which can be included in an individual’s plan of care.
  4. Everyone is encouraged to contribute to the running of {{org_field_name}} and how it might be improved. We make available to prospective service users all current and previous inspection reports and encourage them to read them.
  5. {{org_field_name}} is clear about what it can and cannot offer and communicates where its duty of care lies to all concerned.
  6. {{org_field_name}} is committed to making sure that everyone’s rights to be treated with equality and without discrimination are fully respected and to taking the correct actions whenever they are not treated as equals or are discriminated against in any way.
  7. {{org_field_name}} acknowledges the potential diversity of needs of its service users by presenting and discussing information with them in ways that they can understand. This is achieved through using suitable format and language for its written information and through developing the communication skills of the staff to discuss any matters that need to be raised.
  8. We expect our staff to observe fully the requirements of all applicable codes of conduct or practice for their respective professions and occupations.

{{org_field_name}} has a number of specific policies and procedures that show how we respect and involve the people who use our services in the different aspects of {{org_field_name}} provision.


All staff receive training from induction onwards in person-centred care so that they learn the importance of showing respect and involving the people for whom they are caring and supporting in all aspects of their practice. They receive continuing guidance, supervision and support to do so.

Responsible Person: {{org_field_registered_manager_first_name}} {{org_field_registered_manager_last_name}}

Reviewed on: {{last_update_date}}

Next review date: this policy is reviewed annually (every 12 months). When needed, this policy is also updated in response to changes in legislation, regulation, best practices, or organisational changes.

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