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D303. Information for People Receiving Domiciliary Care: Range of Services

This policy is designed to be converted into a statement for people who would like to receive care to help them understand whether {{org_field_name}} is likely to be able to meet their needs, and what it can and cannot provide.

The document envisaged will summarise the range of services provided and the limits of {{org_field_name}} provision in line with {{org_field_name}}’s CQC registration. It can be produced in different formats in line with the individual’s communication needs. Details should be adjusted in line with individual service provision.

Policy Statement

This policy summarises the range of services offered by {{org_field_name}}, and the limits of our service provision.

This information will be provided to people considering our services in different formats as required by their communication needs, in line with the Accessible Information Standard (AIS).

The policy should be used with reference to other policies on:

Range of Services Provided

{{org_field_name}} management is responsible for keeping under review the range of services provided, which can change in the light of variations in levels of needs, changes in the practice of local authorities and other social policy developments.

Currently, our range of services are as set out below.

Groups of people receiving care

We are able to consider providing a domiciliary care service for any member of the following groups [delete which of the following do not apply]:

Types of service

We are able to support people with the following.


We are able to provide services as needed on any time basis in the short term, including “one-offs” (eg to provide relief cover for another agency), medium and longer terms [specify timeframes that apply to your agency here].

Minority groups

We welcome referrals from or on behalf of people from ethnic, social, cultural or religious minority groups. We will discuss an individual’s special needs and preferences at the time of our agreeing to provide a service and will seek to meet requirements as closely as possible or to refer on to appropriate sources of help elsewhere.

Timing of services

We are able to provide services at any time required [or insert here any limitations to the dates, days or times of the day or night when you cannot provide a service].

Working with an existing carer

Our care workers are happy to work alongside an existing carer, family member or friend. We will explore this issue at the time of making a needs assessment and before starting to provide a service so that the position is clear to all concerned.


Our business is covered by a Public Liability insurance.

Limits to Our Service

Local authority funding

If a person’s fees are paid by the local authority, we cannot significantly change {{org_field_name}} provided without consultation with the relevant care manager.


{{org_field_name}} is in the business of helping people who need care. We are constantly reviewing our services and are always willing to discuss the particular needs of an individual. If at all possible, we will try to provide a service which meets their needs and preferences.

Responsible Person: {{org_field_registered_manager_first_name}} {{org_field_registered_manager_last_name}}

Reviewed on: {{last_update_date}}

Next review date: this policy is reviewed annually (every 12 months). When needed, this policy is also updated in response to changes in legislation, regulation, best practices, or organisational changes.

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