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Lifestyle — Social, Cultural and Religious Belief or Faith in Care at Home (Scotland) Policy


This policy sets out the values, principles and procedures underpinning {{org_field_name}}’s approach to respecting the lifestyle choices of people receiving care in line with the national health and social care standards described in My Support, My Life, particularly under Standard 1: “I experience high-quality care and support that is right for me”, which begins with 1.1: “I am accepted and valued whatever my needs, ability, gender, age, faith, mental health status, race, background or sexual orientation.”

{{org_field_name}} recognises that its care workers must be aware of and informed about the beliefs and cultures of people using their service in ways to help them to practise as they would wish and to maintain contact with co-religionists. Festivals and holy days must be respected and people receiving a service must be helped by their workers to celebrate them if they choose to do so. Familiar domestic routines must be similarly recognised as important to many people.

Commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

{{org_field_name}} expresses its commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion by:

Policy Statement

Our service is committed to the following.

Implementing the Policy

Equality, diversity and inclusion means that every person using the service has their individual needs comprehensively addressed. They will be treated equally and without discrimination. This is regardless of the individual’s ethnic background, language, culture, faith, gender, transgender, age, sexual orientation or any other aspect that could result in their being discriminated against purely because they have such characteristics.

The service celebrates individual difference. It avoids treating people unequally. It recognises that treating people unequally can result in their losing dignity, respect, self-esteem and self-worth and ability to make choices.

The service does not assume that equality, diversity and inclusion principles and policies apply only to its staff. People using the service must also respect the ethnicity, culture, religion, gender and any disabilities of staff and not discriminate against them on any of these grounds when expressing their views and preferences.

The service makes clear that it finds unacceptable any form of racist and similar discriminatory behaviour from any source.

The service also builds these policies into its external contractual relationships.


All new staff are introduced to the policies on equality and diversity in their induction training in the context of teaching about the service’s values. The learning is continuously reinforced in practice using supervision and additional training where required.

All staff are aware that they face disciplinary action if they breach the policies on anti-discriminatory practice.

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