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Escorting and Supporting Residents Outside of {{org_field_name}} (Scotland) Policy

Policy Statement

This policy sets out the values, principles and procedures underpinning {{org_field_name}}’s approach to the escorting of people living in the home on social trips outside of the home and to hospital and healthcare appointments. The prime objective of the policy is to maintain the wellbeing of any escorted resident and to provide optimal care during any escort period.

The policy is in line with all driving and road safety laws and best practice and the national care standards, My Support, My Life, which require service providers to ensure that their care users experience high quality care and that they have confidence in their care providers.

{{org_field_name}} works on the basis that people living in the home should be able to keep appointments, and maintain contacts with their families, friends, representatives and local community groups as they wish. There should be no official restrictions placed on visits from the home, provided that appropriate support and arrangements can be made.

Many residents will be able to maintain these contacts or keep hospital and other healthcare appointments only if they are escorted by care home staff, the resident’s relatives or friends or approved volunteers.

This policy applies mainly to instances where staff, including approved volunteers are required to be escorts. It does not apply specifically where relatives and personal friends are the escorts chosen or agreed by the resident, where the arrangement will be less formal; though, in these instances the home will be mindful of its duty of care, and consider each situation to ensure safe escorting.

The home takes all necessary infection prevention and control procedures for out of care home visits in line with current Scotland Government post Covid-19 pandemic guidance.

Staff and Approved Volunteers’ Escorts Policy

The home considers that having regular contact with family, friends and the wider community outside of the home is a crucial part of living a fulfilled and healthy life. The home will do its best to provide ample opportunities for people living in the home to maintain and develop such outside contacts if desired, including those residents who can accomplish this only by being escorted by care home staff who can offer help, support, protection, security and guidance. The home will also do its best to ensure that, wherever appropriate, residents are escorted to healthcare-related appointments.

In {{org_field_name}} the following applies.

  1. A staff escort will be provided whenever a particular resident wishes and where it is indicated in a risk assessment that this is appropriate or necessary.
  2. Only appropriately trained and competent staff should be selected for escort duty.
  3. All staff selected for escort duty should know the resident concerned and be fully aware of the resident’s care needs including any special needs or requirements.
  4. Where there is an identified need for nursing care, a qualified member of nursing staff should accompany the resident.
  5. Safety, continuing care and good communication between all parties must be considered at all times before and during the escort period.
  6. Excluding emergency situations, the reason for the journey must be fully discussed with the resident and/or relatives/carers and full permission gained.
  7. Staff in the home must discuss and agree the support required for the resident during the escort period and ensure adequate care is provided to maintain their wellbeing. This should include any drugs or medication required and any special needs the resident may have.
  8. Staff in the home are responsible for ensuring that the resident is prepared for the escort and that appropriate transport is available with stretcher/wheelchair/ambulance support where necessary.
  9. To ensure the safety of both the resident and the escorting member of staff, all escorting staff should carry a mobile phone and be aware of how to use it. All escorts should carry a list of emergency phone numbers.

Prior to the escort, the staff responsible should check the following.

  1. The resident and/or relatives/carers are aware of the reasons and timing of the escort and permission has been gained.
  2. Appropriate staff are allocated to the escort duty.
  3. Necessary equipment and medication are available for use during the escort period.
  4. Necessary identification checks are made prior to the escort.
  5. Accompanying staff are fully aware of the resident’s needs during the escort period.
  6. The home has the appropriate insurance cover in place.


All staff are provided with training covering basic information about individual care planning and the support of social activities. Staff on escort duty when away from the home are trained in risk assessing, personal safety and security.

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