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Care Quality Commission (CQC) Registration Support

We will help you with the entire CQC application, from start to finish.

The CQC Registration Support service includes:

  • A list of all the required documents CQC will need in order to accept your application
  • A breakdown of each stage in the CQC application so you are familiar with the process as well
  • Advice on the company structure and setup
  • We will gain access to the portal and support you filling in the online CQC application form
  • Interview support, including a 2 hours mock interview with possible CQC questions and answers
  • Business plan
  • Statement of purpose
  • Policies and procedures required for the CQC Registration process

-Medicines management policy
-Safeguarding Policy
-Infection control policy
-Governance policy
-Consent policy and procedure
-Equality, diversity and human rights policy
-Recruitment policy
-Risk management policy 
-Quality assurance Policy 
-Duty of candour policy 

  • Support to answer any queries from the CQC within 3 days (during the registration process)

Price: £1,750

Are you looking to register with the Care Quality Commission?

We will offer you full support!

Frequently Asked Questions

about the CQC Registration process

What qualifications do I need to be a CQC Registered Manager?

You need to be a Registered Nurse, Social Worker or a Healthcare professional with NVQ Level 5 in Health and Social Care. You can be considered even if you have not yet completed your NVQ course. Your chances increase significantly if you have past managerial experience. 

How long does the entire process take?

Anything between 10 to 24 weeks. It depends on the amount of applications CQC receives at that time and if your application needs further corrections during the process.

Do I need an office?

You definitely need a registered address for the business and CQC location. In terms of the office, CQC will accept a home address as long as the office is in a secured room. The room has to be locked and converted into an office. It is not ideal to have the office at home as you can be expected to receive customers and staff. 

Can I have someone with me during the interview?

The answer is NO, as you already expected. CQC wants you to be alone in the room during the interview. Lately, the interviews are carried out online via Teams.