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Supported Living Policies and Procedures

Over 180 Supported Living Policies and Procedures that cover every possible scenario

CQC Compliant

Suitable for CQC registration and daily business use


Logo, contact details, business name, registered manager

Monthly Updates

Rest assured; we update the policies every month. You are covered!

Supported Living Policies and Procedures Pack – Your Comprehensive Compliance Solution

At e-Care HUB, we recognise the unique challenges and responsibilities inherent in providing supported living services. Our Supported Living Policies and Procedures Pack is expertly designed to ensure your service not only adheres to but excels in meeting the standards required in the UK.

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What You’ll Receive with Our Policies and Procedures Pack

CQC Compliant Policies

Our pack includes a wide range of policies that are up-to-date and compliant with the latest regulations and best practices in supported living care. We continuously monitor changes in the sector to keep you compliant and informed.

Branding Customisation

We personalize your policies to reflect your brand’s identity. This includes incorporating your logo, business name, and details of key personnel, ensuring a professional and cohesive presentation.

Monthly Updates

The field of supported living is dynamic, and so are our policies. With regular updates, we ensure that your service is always aligned with current legal and regulatory standards.

User-Friendly Features

Policy Sharing: Easily share relevant policies with your staff, ensuring everyone is informed and aligned with your operational standards.

Super User Access: Delegate management responsibilities by adding other super users to your account, simplifying administrative tasks.

PDF Downloads: For ease of access and training, download any policy in a convenient PDF format.

Staff Profiles: Create and manage staff profiles, fostering a more organised and efficient administrative process.

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Why Choose e-Care HUB?

Expertise: Our team specialises in supported living, offering solutions that are both practical and compliant.

Customisation: We go beyond the one-size-fits-all approach, offering personalized solutions that reflect your brand’s identity.

Peace of Mind: With our pack, focus on delivering exceptional care, knowing that your policy management is in expert hands.

A list of Supported Living Policies and Procedures included in the pack

Absence, leave and holiday entitlement

Access records service users

Access employee data

Food Hygiene

Advocacy policy

Accident reporting  

Basic life support, resuscitation and DNR

Care and support plan template

Care and support plans social care England policy

Autonomy and choice

Concerns and complaints policy

Computer systems and internet


Contracts and agreements

Controlled drugs management

COSHH social care providers

Death – service users


Disciplinary and dismissal 

Discipline and grievance

Disclosure and barring service

Dress code and uniforms

Drug/medicine errors

Alcohol and Drugs Policy

Achieving the Accessible Information Standard (England) Policy

Emergency planning

Equality, diversity and inclusion policy

Fire safety

Food allergies

Gifts and legacies

Adult safeguarding

Infection control

Information Provision for New People Receiving Care

Intimate personal care

Key workers

Leadership and management

Lone working  

Management and handling of service user’s money

Manual Handling

Medication management

Medicines and prescribing

Moving, Handling and Transferring People Who Use the Service

Needs assessment

Supported Living and extra care

Safety, availability & suitability equipment

Attendance – unauthorised absence  

Pay and Benefits: In-depth

Personal & sexual relationships

Personal Care and support

Pets: Assessing and Managing Risks from Pets in Service Users’ Homes Policy

Planned preventive maintenance

Privacy and dignity

Quality assurance

Record keeping

Recruitment and selection

Registered provider and Registered manager

Good governance, leadership and management

Risk Taking and assessment for service users

Safeguarding Bullying/harassment

Safeguarding Children visiting or living in care homes for adults

Safeguarding – missing person

Safeguarding from abuse and improper treatment


Searches of a service users’ room

Searching employees


Smoking and Care Work

Restraints and restrictive practices

Staff Handbook

Day Trips and Outings Policy

Challenging behaviour, Violence and Aggression

Visiting In and Out of Care Services (England) Policy

Volunteers and Internships

Waste disposal


Working with other providers and agencies depth

Sharing Information with Other Care Providers and Agencies

Admissions – new service user

Commitment to and upholding of human rights 

Discrimination and Equality

 Supported Living for Younger Adults: In-depth

CQC Statutory Notification

Service Users Who Lack Mental Capacity to take Decisions

Human Rights and Deprivation of Liberty in Care

Agency workers

Duty of Candour

Counter Fraud and Security Policy

Data Protection and Compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation

Serious Incidents reporting

Oral Health Care


Blood-borne viruses

Clostridium Difficile Policy

Covert medication

Consent to Care and Treatment

Community links and social inclusion policy

Commissioning and contacting policy

Financial Management & Mismanagement

Code of conduct

Caldicott Principles and Confidentiality of Information in Care Services

Domestic Homely & non prescribed medicines

Medication administration

Professional Boundaries

Bullying at Work and in the Workplace

Computer Security

Data Breach

Promoting Wellbeing & Responding to Mental Health needs

Data Protection GDPR

Health & Safety in care

Bathrooms & Other Facilities – Safe Working Practices

Electrical Safety Policy

Learning Disabilities

EU workers adult social care and Brexit

Brexit Contingency Planning

Zero hours contract template

Maternity Policy

Referral & Admission of People who are mentally unwell

Behaviour that challenges assessment tool

First aid

Responsible person’s/nominated individual’s checklist

Employer factsheet role responsible person nominated individual

Covid 19 management

Covid 19 recovery plan

Covid 19 Test and trace contingency planning


Service User’s Fair Tenancy Agreement for Supported Living — Template

Service User’s Care Contract (Regulated Activity) for Supported Living — Template

Invest in Excellence

Choose e-Care HUB’s Supported Living Policies and Procedures Pack for a streamlined, compliant, and professional approach to care provision. Contact us today to learn more and take the first step towards enhanced care quality and compliance.

Purchase our Supported Living Policies and Procedures Pack