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Jury Service Policy

Policy Statement

It is {{org_field_name}}’s policy to grant employees who are required to attend jury service time off work for so long as they are required by the relevant court. No employee will be penalised or subjected to any detriment for asking for, or taking, time off work to attend jury service.

{{org_field_name}} will/will not pay an employee their basic rate of pay for _____ days/weeks of absence for jury service. If, however, the employee is required to be absent for a longer period, pay will be stopped. The employee will, however, be able to claim loss of earnings from the court up to defined limits.

Where the employee is being paid, they must nevertheless make a claim to the court for loss of earnings and notify the employer of all sums received from the court, producing the relevant documentation. Such sums will then be offset against the employee’s pay.

All other terms of the employee’s contract will continue as normal during periods of absence for jury service.


  1. Any employee who is called up for jury service must immediately notify their manager of the summons in order to request time off work. The employee will be required to produce the court summons for inspection by the manager, who will also keep a copy of the document.
  2. The manager, in turn, must consult __________ about the employee’s need for time off work and any arrangements for cover that may be required.
  3. In the event that the employee’s absence at the time in question would be likely to cause {{org_field_name}} serious disruption or difficulties, the employee will be asked to submit a request to the court to be excused from jury duty.
  4. Otherwise, the employee will be granted the necessary amount of time off work to attend for jury service.
  5. If, on any particular day that the employee is attending the court, they are not required at court or is required for only part of the day, the employee must return to work for the remainder of that day.
  6. Any abuse of the right to time off for jury service will be regarded as serious misconduct leading potentially to disciplinary action against the employee.

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