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Staff Complement and Deployment in Care Homes (Scotland) Policy

Policy Statement

This care home aims to achieve the person-centred national health and social care standards set out in My Support, My Life by ensuring that people who use our service are given the support they need through our safe staffing provision. The service always carefully monitors and reviews its staffing complement and turnover and terms and conditions of service to ensure that it employs staff who are of the required calibre to provide high-quality care and to enhance the practice of these members of staff.

In these ways the care home will ensure that it will meet the following standards.

“3. I have confidence in the people who support and care for me

Responsive Care and Support

3.17 I am confident that people respond promptly, including when I ask for help.

3.18 I am supported and cared for sensitively by people who anticipate issues and are aware of and plan for any known vulnerability or frailty.

3.19 My care and support is consistent and stable because people work together well.

4. I have confidence in the organisation providing my care and support

Responsive Care and Support

4.13 I have enough time and support to plan any move to a new service.

4.14 My care and support is provided in a planned and safe way, including if there is an emergency or unexpected event.

4.15 I experience stability in my care and support from people who know my needs, choices and wishes, even if there are changes in the service or organisation.

4.16 I am supported and cared for by people I know so that I experience consistency and continuity.”

This policy on staff complement and deployment should be read and used in relation to the care home’s other safe staffing policies, including those that address terms and conditions of service and working practices, training and continuing professional development.

In developing these policies the care home is committed to:

Principles of the Staffing Policy

1. All staff have clearly defined job descriptions.

2. All staff are expected to shadow other members of staff during their induction period to better understand their own and others’ roles and responsibilities.

3. All staff job descriptions are linked to achieving the individual goals of the people receiving care as set out in each person’s plan.

4. All support staff are registered with the Scottish Social Service Council and know how to follow the Code of Practice for Social Service Workers and requirements for continuous professional learning.

5. Staff are also made familiar with and are expected to comply with the care home’s safeguarding policies.

6. All nursing staff and allied health professionals employed by the care home (where applicable) comply with the standards of conduct and practice established by their own regulatory bodies.

7. Staff are only expected to go beyond their job descriptions in exceptional circumstances to make sure people’s needs are being met.

As part of their work roles, all staff are expected to:

Commitment to Teamwork and Integrated Care

The care home is committed to having an effective staff team, with sufficient numbers and complementary skills to support people’s assessed needs at all times. The care home is also committed to multidisciplinary working and integrated care models and will adjust its staffing provision in line with these requirements.

The rota and total numbers of staff planned to be on duty at any one time will therefore be set according to the:

In terms of staff experience, it is the care home’s policy that:

– to ensure that they come from a reputable agency

– the staff provided are of high quality and are suitably qualified and experienced

– that preference is given to using agency staff who know the care home and the people who use it already.

Staffing Model (Example Only)

The following example should be adjusted to meet individual requirements.

This home operates two rota systems to provide 24-hour care, one rota for senior/nursing staff and one rota for care assistants.

Each rota is announced at least one month in advance. Any requests from staff for particular dates or time off must be submitted in writing to the person responsible for the rota at least two weeks before a rota for the following month is due to be announced.

Management try to meet all reasonable requests for certain duties, but reserves the right not to accede to the request if accepting it would cause staffing levels and skills mix to fall below the minimum acceptable standard.

The senior rota consists of the following.

The care assistant rota consists of the following.

___________________________ is responsible for working out the rota.

[The senior rota is applicable only to homes providing nursing care.]

The rota will be set according to the following factors.

Staff Experience

To conform with the statutory requirements, it is the policy of the home to ensure that:

8. there are sufficient number of suitably qualified and experienced staff on duty at any one time, including registered nurses (where required)

9. younger and less experienced staff, including apprentices and trainees, always work with or receive support from more experienced and qualified staff members and these requirements are fully reflected in the rostering.



Staff are inducted into their roles in line with Scottish Social Services Council frameworks and learning resources. They are made aware of other staff roles and responsibilities, and the care home’s commitment to teamwork and interdisciplinary working as part of the training process. Staff with previous experience of care work but who are new to this work setting have an induction programme related to their roles and responsibilities. Further training is provided as and when new roles are introduced.

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