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Privacy and Dignity in Domiciliary Care (Wales) Policy


This policy sets out the values and principles underpinning {{org_field_name}}’s approach to privacy and dignity. Privacy is an absolute right of every person receiving care and is an integral to the preservation of each individual’s personal dignity.

{{org_field_name}} will work in collaboration with all legal and caring agencies to uphold these rights.

Our approach is in line with the principles and requirements of the Regulated Services (Service Providers and Responsible Individuals) (Wales) Regulations 2017, particularly Regulation 21: Standards of Care and Support — Overarching Requirements, Regulation 25: Respect and Sensitivity.

Policy Statement

The right to privacy is one of the fundamental rights of people receiving care and must be referred to in care plans. People’s preferred style of address must always be used, respect must always be shown by care workers to people in the home, to the household, to the home and to domestic routines.

{{org_field_name}} expects its staff to:


All staff must understand and follow the policy on privacy and dignity.

Induction training on privacy and dignity has been developed in line with the All Wales Induction Framework for Health and Social Care.

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