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Staff Health Screening Policy

Policy Statement

{{org_field_name}} understands that the effective recruitment of care staff is a key requirement in ensuring that staff are physically and mentally fit for the work they are employed to do and do not put service users at risk.

The organisation must also take all reasonable measures to prevent, detect and control the spread of infections.

The organisation recognises that the Equality Act 2010 makes it unlawful to discriminate against a disabled person and that discrimination occurs when a disabled person is treated less favourably for a reason that relates to his or her disability.

The Equality Act 2010 therefore made it illegal to ask questions about the health status of an individual applying for a position until after they have been made a conditional offer of that position.


  1. The organisation will utilise its accredited occupational health provider to ensure that the pre-employment health screening of staff is conducted fairly and in accordance with the Equality Act 2010 so that both staff and service users are protected.
  2. As part of this screening a pre-employment health questionnaire will not be sent out to all applicants for a job or used in the selection process.
  3. The recruitment of staff to new posts will involve the identification of any health requirements for each post and the evaluation of successful applicants against the health requirements of the post they will occupy.
  4. It is up to the recruiting manager, in consultation with the organisation’s occupational health service provider, where required, to identify any specific health requirements for the post in question, or to identify any specific health-related hazards.
  5. Once the recruitment process has ended, the successful applicant will receive a conditional offer of employment which will, where necessary for the role, be made subject to confidential health screening by occupational health.
  6. Pre-employment screening to specific roles where a health risk or requirement has been identified will be based on:
    a. identifying those who have a physical or mental health condition that is likely to pose a risk to vulnerable service users, themselves or others
    b. information about residence overseas, previous and current illness, and immunisation against relevant infections
    c. ensuring that the applicant meets statutory medical safety standards
    d. advising the employer or applicant of adjustments or restrictions that might be required
    e. ensuring that the applicant will not be harmed by the duties of the post.
  7. Any issues about the health suitability of the individual for the post will be taken forward by the occupational health service liaising with the recruiting manager.
  8. Health surveillance is currently provided by occupational health to employees covering areas such as vaccination status, respiratory health surveillance, vaccinations and blood tests for hepatitis B, advice and follow-up for blood exposure incidents, etc.


All staff are responsible for the implementation of this policy. Overall responsibility for ensuring the policy is implemented, monitored and reviewed rests with the manager.

Information on the policy will be:


All new staff should read this policy as part of their induction. Those with specific duties and responsibilities under the policy will be offered additional training.

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