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N48. Health and Safety of Shift Workers

Policy Statement

While precautions taken to protect the health and safety of the workforce as a whole will, in many cases, also protect shift workers, there are occasions when different and/or additional measures will be necessary.

This policy aims to reduce any identified risks to shift workers and provide guidance on specific control measures required to protect them. This policy also acknowledges relevant legislative provisions and confirms {{org_field_name}}’s commitment to compliance with these provisions.


Monitoring and Review

This policy will be monitored to ensure that it is functioning correctly and that the shift workers are adequately protected. A review of the policy will be undertaken annually.

Arrangements for Securing the Health and Safety of Shift Workers

Assessment of Risk

Risk assessments, to be carried out by a competent person, will be undertaken to identify risks associated with shift work and to reduce them to the lowest level reasonably practicable. The assessments will consider the shift work schedule and/or workplace environment contribution to fatigue and other shift work-related problems including any individual factors of those working shifts.

Findings about the nature and extent of the risks will be communicated to the shift workers. They will be informed in how to eliminate or reduce them.

Risk assessments will be reviewed, and if necessary revised, regularly.

Information and Training

Suitable information on the hazards of shift work and how they can be controlled will be provided to shift workers to ensure their health and safety. Training needs will be identified and reviewed by a competent person. Training access will be adapted to the special requirements created by shift work.

The effectiveness of any training provided will be monitored and regularly reviewed to ensure its continued effectiveness.

Working Time

Where there are statutory requirements for limits on working hours as in the Working Time Regulations 1998, as amended, {{org_field_name}} will ensure that these are complied with, especially regarding night work, overtime and shift swapping.

Shift Work Schedules

Good practice guidelines will be applied where appropriate and reasonably practicable when designing or modifying shift work arrangements, to balance the health and safety needs of the workers and the demands of {{org_field_name}}. Shift workers, where possible, will be involved in developing and choosing shift schedules.

{{org_field_name}} will ensure that adequate discussion takes place with employees and any trade union/non-trade union representatives regarding the implementation of new schedules.


Communication of accurate and reliable information at shift handover will be monitored and arrangements periodically reviewed.


Should employees feel that their health or welfare is put at risk by the shift working schedule they are expected to follow, they should report to their immediate supervisor.

The person with responsibility for implementing the provisions of this policy is _____________________________.


The implications for health and safety of shift working, particularly where shifts are worked during unsociable hours, such as in evening and night care, are covered in general health and safety training at induction and ongoing training.

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