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N66. Personal Development

Policy Statement

{{org_field_name}} is committed to making sure that every user has the opportunity to fulfil their potential and continue their personal development. Its approach to the personal development of its service users is in line with its policies on equality and diversity, which means that every service user will have opportunities for personal development regardless of their ethnicity, disabilities and complexity of those disabilities, gender, transgender, sexual orientation, culture, religion and beliefs.

{{org_field_name}} demonstrates its commitment to personal development by providing information to its prospective service users of the full range of developmental opportunities available to them. It then makes sure that it comprehensively assesses each person’s needs for development and from the assessment identifies the measures needed to meet them.

{{org_field_name}} recognises that each person’s needs will be different and should be addressed in relation to their current and future aspirations and goals. These could include developing their abilities to reduce support needs and achieve greater independence and freedom.

All such aspirations and goals are included in {{org_field_name}} user’s plan of care, which is developed with their full involvement, together with the means by which the person can achieve their chosen goals. {{org_field_name}} then undertakes to provide each individual with the support and resources that they need to promote their personal development and achieve their goals.

{{org_field_name}} is committed to developing or obtaining {{org_field_name}}s, facilities and resources that service users need to promote their personal development. These commonly aim at developing service users’ personal, practical, social, emotional, communication and independent living skills.

{{org_field_name}} uses the resources of its staff, those of therapeutic agencies, advocacy services and professionals, and a wide range of community resources such as further and higher education, employment services, etc to contribute to service users’ personal development.

[Here the provider might wish to list the particular services, facilities and resources it uses and is developing or seeking.]

{{org_field_name}} is constantly seeking new ways of enabling service users to meet their personal goals. It encourages them, where interested and able, to share their experiences as service users with others, including service providers and professionals, and to become involved in user-led consultation and training initiatives.

In these ways, {{org_field_name}} believes that it is able to achieve high standards of care, which are consistent with best practice guidance on person-centred care.

Staff Supervision and Training

All staff are offered regular supervision to help and support them in their relationships with service users. {{org_field_name}} believes that it is vital that its staff are able to engage with and establish constructive professional relationships if they are to help service users achieve their personal goals.

Ongoing support and regular supervision are important means to enable staff to work effectively with their service users on these issues as key workers and as members of the team.

All new staff receive induction training in line with the Care Certificate standards framework [or the All Wales Induction Framework for Health and Social Care]. They are encouraged to work towards further qualifications that equip them with the knowledge and skills to promote service users’ personal development. All staff are expected to be fully committed to the aim of making service users’ personal development central to its work.

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