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N79. Searching Employees


In view of the fact that employees may have access to [cash/goods/saleable items] in the course of their employment, {{org_field_name}} reserves the right to require employees to agree to have their personal bags, vehicles and/or outer clothing searched on request.

This policy forms part of every employee’s contract of employment.


Managers must obtain authorisation from [job title of senior manager or HR manager] for each and every search.

Before any search is undertaken, the employee will be asked to sign an authorisation form, giving their consent to the search.

A witness should be present during any search to safeguard the position of the employee and the searching officer.

An employee who refuses without good reason to give agreement to a search may face disciplinary action for refusal.

If any property belonging to {{org_field_name}} is found on the employee concerned (or in their vehicle), then a senior manager should immediately be called. A statement will be taken from both the employee and the searching officer.

Following such a finding, the senior manager will make a decision about the action to be taken. In most cases, disciplinary action will be instigated against the employee.

Should the actions of the employee amount to a criminal offence, the manager should consider whether or not to involve the police in the matter.

A copy of the search authorisation form should be kept on file and a copy given to the employee. All records must be held confidentially and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018.

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