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Open Door Policy

Policy Statement

This policy shows how this care service supports its staff by ensuring that leaders and managers are available to discuss issues arising in the course of work and offer guidance. It applies to all staff in their different capacities. The Open Door policy complements the service’s other policies on staff support and supervision.

This service is committed to an Open Door policy for all its staff. We use the term “open door” to describe our expectation that all team leaders and managers will make themselves available so employees can easily approach them. Through this policy, we encourage our workforce to use face-to-face communication wherever possible, over email or other similar methods.

The purpose of the Open Door policy is to encourage open communication, face-to-face discussion and feedback about any matter of importance to the employee. The service thinks that the policy will promote transparency and faster communication and help to find solutions to individual or organisation-wide problems or concerns. It should also ensure that the employee’s voice is heard and that issues of concern are promptly addressed and resolved.

Our policy creates the opportunity for all staff to discuss job and personal issues with senior managers rather than just their immediate supervisor or manager. Indeed, the employee may not feel comfortable raising such issues with their immediate supervisor or manager.

The Open Door policy is intended, therefore, to foster an environment of collaboration and trust and mutual respect between senior managers and employees.

It may be necessary to make an appointment with a manager to ensure sufficient time can be given to a conversation. In addition, we would suggest that, in most cases, the employee raise any issue with their immediate manager before involving a senior manager.

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