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Privacy and Dignity in Care Homes (Scotland) Policy

Policy Statement

This policy sets out the values and principles underpinning {{org_field_name}}’s approach to maintaining the privacy and dignity of the people receiving its care. {{org_field_name}} recognises that everyone has the right to live their lives with privacy, dignity, independence and choice. It will work in collaboration with all legal and caring agencies to uphold this right.

The home’s approach is in line with the requirements of the national health and social care standards described in My Support, My Life (June 2017), particularly Standard 5: “I experience a high-quality environment if the organisation provides the premises.”

Privacy Policy

In {{org_field_name}}, everyone receiving its care:

Dignity Policy

In {{org_field_name}}, all everyone receiving its care:


Staff must always remember the following.

  1. Always treat people receiving care with sensitivity, respect and thoughtfulness.
  2. Always knock before entering a person’s accommodation.
  3. Only use the home’s master keys to gain entrance to a room in an emergency or at the request of a person receiving care.
  4. Always address people receiving care by the title or name that they prefer.
  5. Always treat people receiving care as individuals.
  6. Allow people receiving care to do things for themselves whenever appropriate.
  7. Never gossip about people receiving care.
  8. Never discuss private or personal issues with a person receiving care in public.
  9. Avoid the use of patronising or insulting language.
  10. Give appropriate room and space to people receiving care.
  11. Always treat people receiving care in a dignified and sensitive way when performing intimate care tasks.


All staff must understand and follow the policy on privacy and dignity, which is covered in the home’s induction training and constantly reinforced through management and supervision.

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