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Contractors Policy

Policy Statement

As site occupiers and client, the organisation will plan, co-ordinate, control and monitor the activities of contract companies to effectively minimise the risks presented to employees, other persons on-site and the public.

Approved Contractors

The organisation will only use contractors who have proved able to discharge their primary responsibility to safeguard their employees and other persons who may be affected by their undertakings. This will be achieved by a selection and evaluation procedure to ensure that only competent contractors are used by the organisation.

The person nominated to control and manage this procedure is ____________.

  1. Safety Rules and Procedures
  2. Site safety rules will be issued to all contractors and will be clearly stated in contractual arrangements, together with any special health and safety requirements likely to affect cost or timescales.
  3. The organisation will make arrangements for the exchange of all relevant information arising from risk assessments and emergency procedures, particularly steps required to protect contractors’ employees from other contractors and their employees, as well as the day-to-day activities of the employer’s workplace.
  4. Equipment
  5. Plant and equipment, such as temporary access platforms, ladders, personal protective equipment, lifting equipment, internal transport vehicles and electrical equipment, will not be loaned to contractors unless exceptional circumstances prevent contractors from using or hiring their own. Even in these circumstances, contractors will only be permitted to use such equipment with written authority to do so for a specified task and period, provided the equipment is in a sound condition and the contractor is competent to use it.
  6. Co-ordination
  7. A competent, named individual will be appointed to co-ordinate each contract, including at least daily site visits and out-of-normal-hours communications. This individual will be expected to encourage and develop the right safety culture amongst contractors.


Everyone is expected to report danger (within their capability to recognise unsafe practices) to their manager or supervisor, who will be expected to either:

  1. stop the work if serious or imminent danger to persons or property, other than the contractor’s employees, is foreseen
  2. notify the department or individual responsible for co-ordinating the work by telephone or in writing, depending on the circumstances.

Where construction work is carried out, such reporting and consultation will be in accordance with the principal contractor’s health and safety plan or site rules.

Construction Work that Comes Within the Scope of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015

Where construction work is carried out that is a notifiable project under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015, the organisation will appoint, at the appropriate time, a competent principal designer and principal contractor for each project.

The organisation will ensure that no construction starts until an adequate health and safety plan covering the work has been prepared.

The organisation will ensure that any health and safety file is kept readily available for inspection and that when the file is handed over to a third party, the necessary steps are taken so that the party understands the purpose and nature of the file.

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