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Floods and Flooding in Care Homes Policy

Policy Statement

This policy sets out the values, principles and policies underpinning {{org_field_name}}’s approach to dealing with the emergencies arising from floods or the risk of flooding of {{org_field_name}}, in the vicinity or in a wider area that could disrupt its running and put residents’ welfare at risk.

{{org_field_name}} recognises that floods not only cause damage to buildings and property but can disrupt transport services as well. This can cause problems for the ambulance and community health services in areas most severely affected, as well as causing problems for staff getting to and from work.

Even outside of high-risk areas, heavy rain can cause groundwater to rise and blocked sewers can cause a flood.

Care homes will be concerned about flooding affecting:

Care home managers should ensure that contingency plans are in place to cover potential damage, staffing emergencies and resident welfare, including extreme situations where evacuation plans might have to be put into effect.

This policy should be used with reference to the home’ other Contingency Planning policies, which are produced in line with local authority responsibilities under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 and its service continuity plans.

See Business Continuity Plan: Flooding.

Contingency Plans for a Flooding Emergency

Importance of Risk Assessments

As part of its general service continuity planning, the home carries out risk assessments for flooding using local authority and Environment Agency guidance, and by constantly checking local flood and weather alerts, including for flash flooding. The home will reduce its flood risk from flash flooding by ensuring the premises are always well maintained with drains kept clear and pipes regularly checked for leaks.

Responding to Flood Risks

Where a risk is identified the home will:


To reduce risks to people and damage to property there will be a designated lead person to direct and manage any response required. The lead person will ensure:



All staff receive training, which is regularly updated on the home’s service’s continuity plans, including the emergency actions to be taken in the event of flooding.

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